The new way to grow Microgreens at home

Self-regulating light, water and humidity control, hydroponic growing system

Grow Microgreens indoors all year round

“MicroGreen Garden” is a revolutionary indoor gardening device designed to make it easy and convenient to grow microgreens at home.

Self-regulating LED light

Equipped with a self-regulating LED light panel that mimics natural sunlight to promote photosynthesis and optimal plant growth.

The light panel has a color temperature of 6400K, which is the ideal light for the growth of young shoots.

Water and humidity control system

Built-in water and humidity control system that ensures that the plants always have the right amount of water and humidity.

This system makes it easy to maintain the plants and ensures that they thrive.

Hydroponic growing system

There is no need for land. Instead, the plants grow in specially designed seed pods that are 100% biodegradable and free of pesticides. 

The seed pads are placed on top of the water reservoir and the unit takes care of the rest.


Biodegradable seed mats

The seed mats are 100% biodegradable and contain absolutely no pesticides. 

This makes it easy to have freshness at your fingertips, without the mess and hassle.

This innovative product is designed to promote healthy eating and living by allowing you to grow your own nutritious superfoods right in your kitchen. With the MicroGreen Garden, you can enjoy fresh, organic microgreens all year round, regardless of the weather outside.

That's why you should choose MicroGreen Garden


Microgreens are the most nutritious form of vegetables. They contain up to 40 times the nutrients of mature vegetables, including vitamins C, E and K, lutein and beta-carotene.

Intense and Unique Taste

Microgreens are known for their intense flavor, complex flavor profiles and textures that can enhance any meal.

Ample and Comfortable

Most microgreens only take about a week (10 days at most) to grow at home, making it easy to have them on hand year-round.

Hassle-free and Stylish

With "MicroGreen Garden" it is problem-free to grow microgreens at home without compromising on style.


You grow a wide variety of microgreens at home, including broccoli, kale, radishes and rare varieties such as pak choi, mustard and red cabbage.

Organic and GMO-free

Our microgreens are organic and free of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. This means you can be sure you are getting the cleanest and healthiest food possible.

Get started with the MicroGreen Garden!


Fill the water reservoir with water and place the pads on top of the water reservoir.


Switch on the device and set the timer to the desired number of hours per day.

"MicroGreen Garden" will automatically regulate light, water and humidity to ensure optimal growth.


After a week, your microgreens will be ready for harvest.